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VLC is my video player of choice on both my Windows and Mac make sure there is a check in the box next to Dynamic range compressor.
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While some might have assumed it was a mistake, or simply me messing with them, the honest answer is I received a message from an otherworldly being while deep in meditation, a creature of light and shadow that told me someday, my destiny would be arrive, and I would write Step 5.

Dynamic Range Compression - Not working (Mac)

That day has come. Hardware decoding is great in theory, but in practice it's better to skip it, much like the previous paragraph you read with mounting frustration. By disabling hardware decoding, we avoid some problems, and enable VLC's excellent Lanczos scaling. If you watch old VHS rips or weird DVDs, you'll run into interlaced video , which makes the edges of things people, explosions look jaggy.

How to Fix Movies with Loud Action Music and Low Dialogue Volume

While VLC can try to automatically fix that for you, it's not the best at detecting whether video is actually interlaced. But one thing you can do is select a good Deinterlace method, for when you actually need it.

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  • 4 reasons why you should be using VLC 3.0, the best media player ever!

The audio found in Blu-rays and DVDs was engineered by people with expensive home theaters systems and not a cranky neighbor or sleeping baby in sight. If you're sick of whispered dialog being punctuated by ear-bursting gunshots or the violin strings of spring-loaded cats, here's a quick fix that will make the quiet parts louder and keep the loud parts from making you feel like the hearing-aid kid from Nightmare on Elm St.

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Part Whatever. Note that Threshold is minus 18, while the rest of the numbers stay positive, thanks to exercise and healthy diet.

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  5. If you find the loud parts are still too loud, you can increase the Ratio up to "20", but audio engineers warn you'll lose a lot of the dynamic range if you go over 4 or 5. I usually split the difference at By the way, this will enable compression by default. Problem : Videos now look choppy or run sluggishy. Note : If you experience crashes before or after following this guide, try switching to the bit version of VLC.

    Even if you're using bit Windows, the bit version seems to be more stable. At least according to me, the guy who wrote a whole guide on this. What do I know. If my instructions were followed correctly, then color should look rich and vibrant, DVD-sized videos should be upscaled and enhanced, and there should be less difference between explosions and dialog. But if not, then we are doomed, every last one of us.

    You've doomed us all to hell. Why not just play the original flacs in VLC?

    How To Use A Compressor: Compression 101 - Beginner (Part 1)

    JasonA , Aug 7, YevX likes this. Location: Toronto, Canada. They both sound the same.

    How to boost the VLC volume beyond 200%

    I should add to me as I'm sure someone on here will say otherwise. However, why bother with the conversion?

    I'm a Windows user, and I leverage the converter built into foobar for my transcoding needs. It's simple to use and I haven't run into these types of inconsistencies. It's a music player for Windows, but it can also handle various transcoding and file operations tasks.

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    4. Simple but powerful. I don't think they have a version for Macs, though. FLAC and ALAC are both lossless audio codecs, so they should both sound the same, since they don't compress or throw out any sound data. Not sure about playing files in VLC gapless, haven't really tried it. Nowhere Man , Aug 7,